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Hey my name is Magnus Villumsen,  a MSc Game Designer from the IT University of Copenhagen. I think video games are awesome, and that’s why I design, write, study and play them! I do concept development for digital design, and always have a strong focus on creating value for the user. My interests range from narrative design, VR, Esports, gamification to football, hitting headshots, environmental awareness, and enjoying a good bear in good company. Reach out and let’s talk!

Selected Academic work

Both my BSc in Digital Media and Design, as well as my MSc in Game Design have had a twofold focus on part theory and part practice. Thus, I have written several academic articles, which has allowed me to build knowledge on areas of my interest. Especially narrative in games is a subject that I am engaged in. Specifically, my thesis was an exploration of how players create narratives in games without authored narratives. I also did a project where I examined what motivates players to do side quests, which are optional, yet pivotal, activities in most Role-Playing Games. Check out a handful of my papers below to get an idea of what I have been writing about, and feel free to reach out, should any of these interest you!

The Future of VR and AR: Some essential ethical considerations and how can we discuss current and future technology.
Master Thesis: Players Telling Stories: Non-Authored Games and their Narrative Agency
Side Quests in Open-World RPGs: A qualitative player study
Entering the future of simulation technology: How can we use the simulation argument in pursuit of perfect VR?
Bachelor Thesis: Virtual Reality in K-12 History Education
Esport as an Ethically Sustainable Industry
Video Game Companies’ Challenge of Diversity: A critical discourse analysis of the public response to a female front-figure in the Battlefield V reveal trailer.
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